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Top 5 Technology Stacks in 2021: A Guide to Tech Stacks

2021 is about to end, and new businesses are emerging every day. While every company wants to win the race, they are constantly working to build an application that can provide the best user experience. However, it is essential to know that every efficient software sits on a tech stack.

There are a few technology stacks that dominate the world of web development. But are you up to date with them? If not, then we will help you out.

You might now wonder: what is full stack development? So, let’s get into it.

What is Full Stack Development?

Full stack development is not how it was once thought to be back in the early days of the web. Full stack developers in 2021 are experienced devs with enough knowledge to work for both the front and back end of the software.


Being one of the oldest tech stacks, LAMP is often criticized by younger developers. However, it is a classic, time-tested stack of technologies. LAMP is short for:

  • Linux (operating system)
  • Apache (HTTP server)
  • MySQL (relational database management)
  • PHP (programming language, can be Perl or Python)

Each of LAMP’s layers is open source and free. You can modify this stack according to your needs.


MEAN is one of the well-known tech stacks which brings countless benefits to web developers. For instance, the developers use a single language (JavaScript). The components of the MEAN stack include:

  • MongoDB (NoSQL database)
  • Express.js (back-end web framework)
  • Angular.js (front-end web framework)
  • Node.js (back-end JavaScript runtime)

The front-end JavaScript can be exchanged in MEAN. For instance, create the front-end UI using React or Vue in place of Angular, and there you are with MERN or MEVN stack.

#3 Serverless Stack (SST)

2021 is the time to go serverless. Serverless stack or cloud infrastructure makes the management relatively easier to scale up to numerous users overnight. SST is an extension of AWS CDK, which involves a Live Lambda Development environment.

#4 Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Ruby on Rails is an integrated development environment involving Ruby, a powerful programming language. We hear less about RoR compared to LAMP and MEAN, but it has its merits. It can simplify the entire development experience and reduce the overall time required to build the product.

#5 Flutter for Web

Talk about the revolutionary tech stacks in the cross-platform development world, and it is called the Flutter for Web. You don’t have to reserve your time for deploying the software. Whether you want to fix the glitches or add some new features to the software, or perhaps you want to build the UI, rest assured that the speed won’t be compromised while using Flutter for Web.

Over to You

These are not all of the tech stacks available in the world, but these are undoubtedly some of the top-notch tech stacks to make your work and, eventually, your life easier.

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