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Location-based solutions that help you understand events at your physical location and generate a profit.

Cutting-edge, location-based technologies for your business.

At Agreefy, we help you gather valuable insights on what is happening in the physical world. We equip you with location-aware tools which allow you to understand and influence on-site movements, and thus increase your key business indicators, revenue, and profits. When you use our technology, you can rest assured that you will be spending time and money on what matters most, while we enable your success.
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Agreefy Tag

Agreefy Tag is an asset management software that you can use to tag, track, and locate assets of any type at your physical location. With our technology, you can organize your lifecycle process in the most efficient way possible. Get ready to watch your organizational productivity grow from day one.
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AgreeQ is an online appointment booking system that physical businesses and organizations can use to make social distancing easy. We’re here to help assure customer and employee health and safety. Using our tool, you can create your online booking calendar and streamline online appointment scheduling.
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Agreefy Flux

With Agreefy Flux, mapping the customer journey is easier than ever before. We provide you with location-based, foot traffic analytics software that gives you everything you need to understand and optimize the customer journey. Creating engaging customer experiences at your location has never been easier.
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Agreefy Connect

Agreefy Connect makes foot traffic predictable and easy to manage for your business. Using location-based in-store retail analytics and traffic analytics, you can re-engage customers who visited your location with highly personalized ads and communications. Watch your marketing growing each day.
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